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Hi, Welcome to Process Communication Model®. 

We are the award-winning communication tool that forward-looking organisations like yours use to Power, Connect and Make change happen.

Process Communication Model UK Training

You're face to face with someone you work with, and they are listening to you intently. Their brows are furrowed. When getting emotional, they begin to raise their pointed finger and interrupt. 

What do you do?

Do you think to yourself, "Oh, that's easy - we've all filled out a personality test and I know their preferred communication style. We discussed this at our latest team offsite."? Perhaps you engage your colleague as recommended: you involve their opinions in your discussion, and ask their advice. Soon they visibly ease and let you finish what you're saying.


How about this time, you have a client before you and a lot riding on this deal. They are stone-faced save the rare smirk, and don't say much except to corner you and your ideas. What do you do? This needs to go well. Do you know them enough to influence a positive outcome? 

That's the difference between PCM and every other communication profiling tool - with PCM, we read communication styles by reading these cues. Communication is now something we can see and do something about, with or without a profile. 

If you want to know what strategy PCM-trained folks use to engage a person like this, let's talk! We can't wait to show you how and more!

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Our training workshops are designed to arm attendees with tactical and highly actionable communication strategies. We create a custom plan for your organization, and specialise in working with:

  • Strategic managers resetting high-performing teams

  • Innovation teams preparing for collaborations

  • Executives and Partners who want more control in their influencing styles for new clients, investments, and deals

We also work closely with leaders and aspiring leaders who want to use PCM strategies to navigate a variety of strategic challenges most useful for:

  • Managers acquiring people strategies

  • Mid-career advancing leadership development

  • CXOs troubleshooting sensitive topics

let's do this!

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss a possible PCM collaboration or learn more about our trainings.

Process Communication Model PCM

"The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said."

Peter Drucker

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