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We work closely with Kahler Communications Inc. and Kahler Communications Europe to offer PCM training Level 1 & 2 and PCM coaching.

Joy Ryan is their trusted point person for the UK, and has trained international leaders to rave reviews.

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About joy ryan

Joy is a third-culture kid at heart, sur-thrived international school in the sultanate of Brunei, before making the move to the big city of London. She graduated from the LSE, and after a stint at in VC decided that the world of innovation was in dire need of some creative facilitation.


In addition to her strategy work, she also trains leaders and changemakers in PCM, and brings her unique, bright, more-show-less-tell and highly visual style to the training experience. She gets excited about people's "Eureka!" moments and the best compliment she's had is that the workshops didn't feel like training at all. To date, her PCM feedback reviews score over 93%. Here's what international clients have to say about PCM training:

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Process Communication Model PCM Leadership Training UK joy ryan
"Joy was a joy to work with! She's fun and engaging and most importantly, she listens and understand you - she puts PCM into practice, leading my example, and that is what you want from your trainer." 

Mo P., Digital Product Designer

Let's do this.

Ready to get started? So am I. All of my meetings are scheduled. Click the link below and send me an email. I can't wait.

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